We take our environmental responsibility seriously at Perth Wake Park. The Park has been designed to minimize any harmful effects to the local environment and uses sustainable energy wherever possible.

Being towed by a cable system instead of a boat eliminates the direct burning of fossil fuels at the site. Many people can ride at one time on a system that draws very little power making it a much more sustainable way to enjoy wakeboarding.


Every drop of rain that falls onto the park is fed into the lakes. The grounds have been graded for the rain to naturally find its way into the lakes, which reduces the dependence on bore water and keeps the lakes topped up naturally.

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We have installed 30kw of solar power to run the entire site. This will drastically reduce our carbon footprint by drawing far less power from the grid. The hot water system for the main building is also solar powered.


We have planted over 2000 native trees. It is estimated that every 6 trees will sequester 1 tonne of carbon dioxide over their lifetime. They also provide a natural habitat for local wildlife (we have multiple species of birds at the park), help reduce our soil erosion, provide shade to cool the site and give excellent natural wind protection to keep the water smooth.