Everyone wants to try a Foilboard and now you can learn with us in the controlled conditions of Perth Wake Park and their 2.0 cable. The staff follow the Slingshot Foil Academy lesson structure. This applies if you want to surf a foil, kite a foil, windsurf a foil or SUP a foil, you need to now how to ride one in calm conditions first. It is $44.95 for a 1 hour foil lesson including all the gear (Slingshot HoverGlide Foilboard, vest and helmet). 

Lessons run monthly with the next session on Saturday December 15th from 5pm until 6pm. There are 6 spaces per hour available. Booking is essential.

If you want to get a headstart on the learning process make you sure check out the free online learning academy 

Call Perth Wake Park now to book your spot (08) 9524 2884